A skater WE CREATE AND BUILD Donate The development, design and construction of our public skatepark describes the phase where all project aspects must be perfectly arranged like a symphonic orchestra. A skater that makes a jump WE EDUCATE AND SUPPORT Get involved Together with Globus Hellas Tested By NASA we offer free workshops and educational measures during our events - but also to schools and academies - regarding health, safety, sustainability and the environment, including green energy concepts and technologies.
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We emphasize the AND in FREE&UNION. Indicating that we see ourselves as the connecting element between the general public, their political representatives and a pool of companies and organizations. Furthermore all our projects follow clear principles and concepts. Based on the Sustainable Economic and Social Development as defined by the United Nations.

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When we speak about Skatepark Development we are aware that we actually mean Public Park Development with integrated high-tech facilities and multiple possibilities for education and recreation.

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Goal : 2,000,000.00€
The 1st international approved and recognized skatepark in Thessaloniki, Greece. We will develop and organize everything necessary to realize the dream of thousands of skaters in and around Thessaloniki.
Defined by the United Nations


All of our projects follow clear principles and concepts based on the Sustainable Economic and Social Development as defined by the United Nations.

Sustainable Developments Goals Vertical
Péitruss Skatepark


Péitruss Skatepark, Luxembourg. Located in the Peitruss Valley at the bottom of the Vauban fortress that is built all around the old town of Luxembourg, this highly frequented site appears on the UNESCO world heritage list and has become one of the biggest and most attractive skateparks in Europe.

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Brief History of Skateparks

Brief History of Skateparks

Skateboarding represents a $4.8-billion market. The first skateboards were manufactured commercially in the 1950s. The first significant skateboarding boom...
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Coronavirus test tubes


COVID-19: RESPONSE The World Health Organization (WHO) has been leading the global effort to tackle COVID-19. The Strategic Preparedness...
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Coronavirus 3D Art


COVID-19: ORIGIN On 31 December 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) was informed of cases of pneumonia of unknown...
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We connect and fund

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