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Converse City Forests has grown in Thessaloniki, Greece! Therefore at the heart of the city, street artists Simoni Fontana & Argiris SER put together a mural for equality and human rights entitled. Mural title: “Love Is Love”. It is first and foremost an initiative to break down barriers, fight for equality, and stir up discussion. Above all Street Art can inform people about a million different issues.


We’re bringing ”ALL STAR” creatives together to design and paint environmentally friendly murals across the globe.

How it works

We are partnering with our creative community to create Converse City Forests. A series of murals around the globe that uses Graphenstone’s ecological air purifying paint to eliminate harmful substances such as CO2, formaldehydes and gases. As a result of that is improving the air quality around the murals.

The paint’s lime base absorbs CO2 during the drying process, acting similar to a tree.

A revolutionary way to fight air pollution. Boysen KNOxOUT is a photocatalytic paint developed on the basis of CristalActiv technology that imitates nature. In other words like the photosynthetic organisms that transform carbon dioxide into oxygen and organic matter thanks to sunlight, KNOxOUT absorbs atmospheric pollutants thanks to a chemical process activated by UV light. Consequently, this smog eating paint is serious stuff! 

This way, any surface coated with it becomes an active air-purifying surface. After that it helps protect people from harmful substances.

As a result of all that:


“The Surface covered by the mural has the same effect as 122 trees”


Transform your town into a forest!


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Thanks to Converse Greece for choosing our city for the action.









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